Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance Bad Faith

The world is full of potential hazards. Your insurance company isn’t supposed to be one of them.

Insurance is supposed to be a safety net, a way of buying peace of mind. Whether it be car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, or something else entirely, the whole reason we pay for insurance is to ensure that we and our loved ones are protected. If we happen to be the victim of an auto or truck accident, house fire, injuries or illness, house fire, or another traumatic incident, there is supposed to be at least a small amount of consolation in knowing that our insurance providers are there for us.

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always there for their policyholders. Sometimes, insurance companies attempt to avoid their obligations just when the security you bargained for is most needed and your family is most vulnerable. When that happens, you need the legal services of a knowledgeable bad faith insurance claim lawyer. You need Kiesel Law, LLP.


What Does ‘Bad Faith’ Mean in Insurance?

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There are many reasons why an insurance company might refuse to pay out a policyholder’s claim. That doesn’t mean they’re always good reasons. When your insurance provider refuses to pay your claim without good, honest, or adequate reasoning, or likewise refuses to protect you from another person’s claim (such as in the case of a personal injury suit), that is referred to as “bad faith.”

Just like there are many reasons an insurer might refuse to pay a claim, there are also many ways an insurer can be liable for bad faith. Three of the most common examples of bad faith are:

  • Interpreting the language of the policy in an unreasonable or inappropriate manner
  • Delaying the payment of claim benefits for an unreasonable period of time
  • Unreasonably refusing to defend a policyholder from another person’s lawsuit

Other examples of bad faith include when an insurance company unreasonably fails to settle a lawsuit, unreasonably refuses to pay a policyholder the entire amount of their loss, and unreasonably delays the investigation or valuation of a claim.

How Do Lawyers That Fight Insurance Companies Prove Bad Faith?

Insurance companies have a lot of money and power at their disposal, and policy contracts are often full of complexities that could potentially be exploited in bad faith. That makes proving bad faith a unique challenge. 

In order to prove bad faith, your lawyer must demonstrate the following elements:

  • That the policyholder’s claim was valid
  • That the policyholder’s claim was denied
  • That the owed claim benefits were withheld unreasonably

Fortunately, at Kiesel Law, LLP, our attorneys are experienced in representing catastrophically injured clients and consumers who are entitled to substantial damages from insurance companies after an overwhelming injury or loss.

Through our combined 150 years of experience, we know how insurance companies work, and how they sometimes avoid paying legitimate claims to protect their bottom line. Our insurance bad faith lawyers have a proven track record of making sure our clients are not victimized twice – once from the incident causing their loss, and again by the insurance company they trusted with their security.

Our Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Can Help You

It isn’t always easy finding good, experienced, knowledgeable lawyers that fight insurance companies. If you feel that your insurance provider has acted in bad faith, don’t wait; reach out to a Kiesel Law attorney now.

Kiesel Law, LLP has the experience and the resources to aggressively protect your interests, and the skill to take your case to trial, if necessary. Our results and our leadership have been recognized at the highest levels of our profession. Most importantly to us, our work has made a difference in helping our clients rebuild, helps ensure that insurance companies are held to the standard that the public deserves, and that families like yours are treated with care and respect.

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