Class Actions

Class Actions

Our job as class-action lawyers is to ensure justice is done at all levels of liability, and that includes large companies and other organizations that might think they are immune from legal action.

If you are one of many people who have been harmed by the actions of another party–whether those actions involved product defects, bad-faith insurance, or anything else causing physical or financial harm to a large group–you have the right to join with other victims to file a class action against the liable party.

At Kiesel Law, our class-action attorneys are proud to represent plaintiffs in class actions. We encourage you to bring your case to us to take part in our stellar track record of winning billions in settlements for our clients over the years.

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What Usually Happens in a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Class-action lawsuits involve numerous people who have all been harmed physically or financially by the same party coming together to demand restitution from that party. Anything won in a class-action suit from the defendant is divided among the plaintiffs.

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Here are some more details on how it all works.

Kiesel Law’s class-action lawsuit lawyers file class actions against large companies so as to protect the interests of the consumer. When one consumer is injured, harmed, or damaged by something that affects many other people, the case can be brought on behalf of a “class.” The class consists of all of the people who suffered the same injury, harm, or damage.

Many times, consumers lose a small amount of money, or suffer a small amount of harm, as a result of something a company does, and that amount is not large enough for the consumer to seek to recover it in court.

By filing the case as a class action, that one consumer can represent everyone who has also suffered the loss. Just because many people have been harmed in a small amount should not mean that they cannot seek justice from the Courts.

Examples of Class Actions That Our Class-Action Attorneys Handle

Examples of the types of class actions that have been brought by members of Kiesel Law, LLP include:

  • illegal recording of telephone calls by businesses without the consent of the consumer
  • defective automobiles which the manufacturer refuses to fix
  • employees who are not paid properly by their employers
  • the wrongful collection of “taxes” by businesses from consumers
  • consumer electronics products that fail to function much beyond the limited warranty period

Other types of class-action lawsuits that we may encounter could involve:

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Common Questions for Our Class-Action Lawsuit Lawyers

Below are some questions we are commonly asked in relation to class actions.

Is a class-action lawsuit worth it?

Although each class-action lawsuit is different, you should know that joining in a class action gives you better odds at winning and lowers your expenses for the class-action lawyer since the costs are divided among all participants.

How long does it take to get money from a class-action settlement?

Every case will be different. Some people who win their class action can expect to begin receiving money from their class-action lawsuit victory within six weeks. Other people may have to wait up to a year. Your class-action lawsuit attorneys at Kiesel Law will be able to give you a more detailed answer according to the details of your case.

Let Our Class-Action Law Firm Fight for Your Justice

At Kiesel Law, we believe in justice for victims of all kinds of personal injury, no matter the size or influence of the defendant. We have won billions for our clients over the years, and we would like to put the same experience and compassion to work for you.

Get in touch with Kiesel Law today to let us fight your class action for you and deliver the justice you deserve.

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