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$3.8 Billion in Verdicts and Settlements

Kiesel Law LLP,  has a long and rich tradition in successfully representing consumers who have been injured and suffered damages due to the negligence, fraud, unfair business practices or other wrongful conduct of others.  We are ready to fight for you!

Kiesel Law Appointed to Leadership of the California Social Media Cases

Kiesel Law LLP is taking a leading role in the legal battles concerning the impact of social media on young adults and children. They are helping to lead the charge in the California Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding (JCCP) 5255 litigation against social media companies, representing clients who allege harm from the addictive and dangerous nature of these companies’ products.  …Read entire story


Kiesel Law and Clark Love Huston make CVN’s top 10 most impressive plaintiff verdicts of 2023 for their $325 million verdict against Monstanto’s Roundup pesticide.

A San Diego County jury deliberated for four days in a trial that began in early October of last year. They awarded plaintiff Mike Dennis, who claimed he developed a form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 51 due to exposure to Roundup, $7 million in compensatory damages and $325 million in punitive damages.  …Read entire story


Are You a Customer of East West Bank, First Foundation Bank, Redwood Credit Union, Stanford Federal Credit Union or Travis Credit Union?  If so, You May Have Been the Victim of a Privacy Breach.

Kiesel Law LLP is actively investigating cases of privacy breaches at top banks and financial institutions in your region. Recent findings suggest that institutions like East West Bank, First Foundation Bank, Redwood Credit Union, Stanford Federal Credit Union, and Travis Credit Union may have allegedly shared customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with external parties.  …Read entire story


Do You Suspect You Have Been the Victim of Gold Coin Fraud?

Kiesel Law is currently investigating several companies that sell gold coins for possible FTC and CFTC rules violations, and also for charging customers “spreads” higher than what they set forth in their customer purchase orders. If you or someone you know has purchased $100K or more of gold through any of the following companies, the attorneys at Kiesel Law are interested in speaking with you:

  • American Hartford Gold 
  • Birch Gold
  • Gold Co.
  • US Gold Bureau

. …Read entire story


ChatGPT. Bard. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You may have heard those terms thrown around and wondered what they refer to. Or, you may know what they refer to and have considered using these tools in your professional (or private) life. Paul Kiesel and Jeff Koncius have created a series of short, quick videos explaining what these tools can and cannot do. And, significantly the traps you should be on the lookout for.

Click link to access.    A Series of Short Videos Using AI in Legal Practice


Kiesel Law LLP Announces JUUL Settlement

Co-Lead counsel in the California state court proceeding and federal multidistrict litigation, announces the global resolution of all pending personal injury claims filed in state and federal court. These settlements will help address youth use of e-cigarettes.

Paul R. Kiesel, Co-Lead Counsel, commented, “we are honored to have led the fight for our clients in this important litigation. This settlement resolves our claims against Juul Labs, its officers and directors, and is in the best interests of all parties

. …Read entire story


Paul Kiesel Secures Record $16.5 Million Against Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Kiesel Law LLP client Timothy Neal was paralyzed after a Deputy shot him in the back on July 26, 2019.

Timothy Neal has struggled with schizophrenia since being diagnosed in 2018.  Timothy was in the throes of paranoid schizophrenia when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies forced their way into his bedroom using a sledgehammer and shot him in the back while he was trying to run from them.   As a result of this incident, Timothy Neal will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Paul R. Kiesel said, “Tim Neal’s settlement with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department needs to be a wake-up call for how law enforcement responds to mental health crises.”  ….   Read entire story


Jeffrey Koncius Appointed to Executive Committee for Meta Pixel Healthcare Litigation

Jeffrey A. Koncius of Kiesel Law LLP has been appointed to the three-member Executive Committee in the Meta Pixel Healthcare litigation. The proposed class action was filed on behalf of all patients whose information was allegedly intercepted and transmitted to …  Read entire story


Kiesel Law LLP Pursuing Claims Against Vegan Food Delivery Service Daily Harvest

Kiesel Law LLP has retained clients and is commencing legal action against Daily Harvest. If you consumed Daily Harvest’s Lentil and Leak Crumbles and experienced sickness, including stomach pain or liver damage….   Read entire story


JUUL Important Litigation Update

We applaud the FDA for removing the JUUL device and four types of Juul pods from the US market due to their risks to public health. The FDA’s decision today does not affect the existing cases against JUUL. We are still proceeding forward….   Read entire story


Paul Kiesel Appointed Liaison Counsel in the Carson Channel Pollution Litigation

Paul R. Kiesel of Kiesel Law LLP has been appointed Liaison Counsel in the Dominguez Channel Pollution litigation filed on behalf of over 12,000 individuals who were exposed to the horrific stench emanating from the Channel in the City of Carson….   Read entire story


Police Shooting Case Settles For 4.5 Million

Kiesel Law LLP Settles a Difficult Police Shooting Case for $4,500,000:  Kiesel Law LLP successfully resolved a case involving an unlawful shooting by two California Highway Patrol Deputies who were in an unmarked police vehicle, and which resulted….   Read entire story

Personal Injury

Kiesel Law LLP obtains justice for people who have suffered personal injury to themselves or their loved ones.  Learn More

Wrongful Death

The death of a family member is always a profound loss. When the death is caused by the wrongful act of …  Learn More 

Class Action

Kiesel Law LLP regularly files class actions against large companies so as to protect the interests of the consumer…  Learn More  

Auto and Truck Accidents

When collisions occur, even the most careful motorist can suffer grievous injury. These…  Learn More

Product Defects

When you are harmed by a product, whether it be from a design defect or a manufacturing issue…  Learn More

Pharma / Drug Product

Each day, dangerous drugs cause serious injury or death to unsuspecting consumers.  Frequently, when… Learn More

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