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Kiesel Law LLP Victorious In Auto Collision Trial

$676,000 Awarded by Los Angeles Jury

“The insurance company says they take full responsibility for the accident, yet refuse to  compensate the plaintiff for the injuries received.”  This opening given by attorney Bryan Garcia of Kiesel Law LLP explained to the Los Angeles Superior Court jury why the matter had reached the trial stage.  With $21,000 in medical treatment and pain that continues to this day for our client, Mercury Insurance Company was only willing to offer $55,000 to settle the case.  Our firm demand was $200,000.

Attorney Ashley Conlogue did the direct examination of Dr. David Fish MD, the treating physician, and confirmed the continuing treatment our client was receiving. “Dr. Fish has been treating our client for 4 years, and we were able to show the jury that the progression of treatment  finally resulting in epidurals and radio frequency ablations (RFAs), was appropriate and necessary as a result of the collision.”

Partner Paul Kiesel of Kiesel Law LLP said,  “Bryan and Ashley did an outstanding job.  They were able to convey to the jury the substantial impact this collision had on our client’s life.  A Jury award of $676,000 was both appropriate and a vindication for our client. We are grateful for the hard work and attention these 12 jurors gave this matter.”